• Every job request received will be issued a specific job request number e.g. F-60117
    NOTE: Any job requests without the issued number has not been received.
  • For every job request received and acknowledged, details of the fundi/ fixer it has been assigned to will ALWAYS be provided.
  • When the fixer arrives, their identification details and the details you already have MUST match. If they don’t notify us immediately.
  • We have competent and vetted fixers for every service area. Please do not assign the fixer we send any other job other than the one you requested for without notifying us.
  • Before the fixer starts the job, ensure you have understood what the problem is and how it will be solved. Ensure you are agreed to the amount that will be charged before the job starts.
  • For every job that has been assessed and the results has been shared with you, you will be charged Ksh. 300 if you have not given a specific date when you would like it to be done.
  • All bank and mobile money payments MUST be made to the provided company’s accounts. Always confirm with us before making any cash payments. All payments will be issued with a receipt.
  • If you need any assistance, please speak to us directly on 0731526784.
  • If you have any questions on any job previously done by us, please contact us directly on 0731526784.
  • Dress and behave in the right way within the work area.
  • Fundis believes and promotes growth of healthy communities. However, we are not responsible for interactions between you and our fixers after jobs have been done.


  • Please ensure that all jobs you’ve been assigned have a job request number e.g. F-60117.
  • For jobs to done easily, you are going to be given details of the client. NOTE Please do not contact clients for any other reasons other than the job request.
  • Unauthorized persons are not allowed on work site. If you have to bring any one on sight, let us know.
  • Always explain to the client what the problem is and how it will be solved. DO NOT start the job before the client agrees with the amount you charged as labor.
  • Please do not accept any other job requests/task different from the one we assigned you before notifying us.
  • Please DO NOT receive any payment from clients without our permission.
  • Once you have finished the assigned job, let us know so that we ask the client if they are satisfied.
  • ALWAYS clean the work area after you’ve finished.
  • DO NOT compromise on the quality of work done even if it means refusing to take the client’s job request.
  • If a client contacts you on a job you did before, please inform them to contact us directly on 0731526784.
  • When sent to buy any materials/parts ensure you get a receipt.
  • Stick to the main purpose of the visit. Anything you see and share about the client could be seen as gossip.
  • Personal cleanliness is important.
  • If you need any assistance, please speak to us directly on 0731526784.
  • Dress and behave in the right way within the work area



  • Wear the right protective cloth.
  • Take care that you don’t damage anything else while doing your job.
  • DO NOT report to work under the influence of any drug that may affect how you work.
  • DO NOT smoke at the work site.


  • Clear up the site before fixer arrives in.
  • Keep children away from site.
  • Keep pets and other animals from the work site.
  • Do not EAT or DRINK on site.


  • Safely and carefully pack the purchased materials/parts before transportation.
  • Take protective measures for what you are carrying.
  • Always wear personal protective gear while riding/driving.
  • Observe traffic rules.